Top 13 Fashion Schools in South Africa 2020

There are many fashion schools in South Africa, this post will give you the list of the top ten fashion schools in South Africa for you to study.

The fashion industry is a very competitive one as more people are taking fashion as a career which is why only the best make it in the industry. To succeed in the industry, passion, creativity, discipline, courage and the ability to market yourself is key. Professional knowledge and design skills are not an exception to succeed in the industry.

To become a professional in fashion design, you need outstanding design skills which you can acquire at a fashion school in South Africa. Studying in an institution well recognised for its outstanding services in the fashion industry will give you an opportunity to develop your skills, learn under professional and people with many years of experience in the industry. Studying at one of the best schools is the best way to acquire first-class knowledge within the industry.

Africans are the bearer of good taste when it comes to fashion, their impact in the fashion industry cannot be under-emphasized as many great designers come from Africa. South Africa has made a good footprint in the world fashion industry, South Africa is an abode for fashion from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Due to many ethnic groups and nationalities in South Africa, the aesthetic style of the country varies. The country has many worldwide recognized fashion designers like Nicholas Coutts, Mathew Kieser, Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana, Henriette Botha, Buda Malete and so on. South African stylist love fabrics like wools and tweed for their fashion designing.

Top fashion schools in South Africa


Apart from having renown fashion designers, in South Africa are many world-class fashion schools where students can receive first-class knowledge.



This fashion school is located in Johannesburg, it is accredited by the tertiary educational institute. The school is head by the renowned Spero Villioti, who has been running a fashion brand for more than 30 years. This fashion school has affiliations with London College of Fashion and Parsons School of Design, New York.

With the Villioti Fashion Institute affiliations with international fashion schools, students are exposed to a vast network in the industry and they get a first-class knowledge of the fashion world. Students also receive extensive training and attention is paid to details to give students unique and diverse knowledge. Graduate of this institute has confidence and conviction required to run a successful fashion brand.

The institute offers qualifications and fashion courses relating to all the needs and trends of the industry. There are18 short courses in the institute, whilst offering the traditional Diploma in Fashion and a Bachelor of Fashion both for 3 years.

The institute does not only pass creativity to students but also pass knowledge to improve students intellectually.


The LISOF offers a 3 years Diploma in Fashion, a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion for a duration of 3 years and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion (1-year full time or 2 years part-time). London International School of Fashion also offers short courses for students that want to earn Higher Certificate for are the duration of eight months evening classes. Students can also opt-in for six month short courses in Make-up, Creative Design, Pattern Design and Garment Construction on Saturdays.


FEDISA is a fashion school that has contributed to the export of talent into Africa continent and beyond. An example of their contribution is a graduate of the school in 2009, Temitope Williams, who started her own teaching academy in Lagos, Nigeria. FEDISA offers a qualification in Bachelors Degree and a Bachelors of Arts Honours in fashion.

Many of the school graduates are professionals working for some top fashion company like Marchessa and Diane von Furstenburg in New York and Christopher Cane in London. Apart from these two companies, the institution graduate is receiving international job opportunities as they are trained to be outstanding in the field.

FEDISA is known for excellence when it comes to fashion education and it attracts many international students from all over the world every year.


Studio 05 was founded in 2003, it is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It is a top Fashion Design Institution in South Africa that is known for providing quality education on the theoretical and practical aspect of Clothing Design and Manufacturing industry. The institute goal is to grow and develop local talent and educate students with a tertiary qualification. Studio 05 aims at providing encouragement and nurture emerging Fashion Designers who have the required entrepreneurial skills to survive and grow in this constantly evolving industry.

The institute provide education in all aspect relating to the fashion industry, be it Fashion Illustration, Pattern Construction, Garment Construction, Lingerie, Fashion Branding, Fashion Buying & Merchandising, Fashion Styling and Computer-Aided Design. The duration of the course is three years and students will receive intensive education within the period. Quality practical and theoretical education is provided for students that will enable them to run a successful brand in the fashion industry. The institute lecturers are all active Fashion Designers, who together hold a wealth of knowledge and have experience in the fashion industry.


CTCFD is the oldest fashion college in South Africa, it was founded in 1965. The institute gives students to choose from varieties of options which are a 1-year certificate in Foundation Fashion Design, a 3-year Diploma in Fashion Design, with the option to extend this to an Advanced Diploma. A 2-years diploma in Fashion and Garment Technology was introduced in 2016.

This fashion school has many experienced professional and have produced many icons in the fashion industry.


XELA has been in operation for 24 years creating unique couture wedding and evening gowns that are tailor-made which suit every ladies individuality and style. The school is located in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. This institution was established by Alex Asman

It offers qualifications in fashion in a comprehensive and intensive 2 years full diploma programme. The school also offers an online course which is in 10 modules, the course is taken at students convenient time. The following are the course the school offers; design, pattern cutting, garment manufacture, fabric and business skills.


DAF was founded in 1999 at Woodstock, the creative hub of Cape Town. It is one of the outstanding school when it comes to fashion education in South Africa. The school is committed to providing adequate education for students to compete in the ever-evolving world of fashion. DAF is striving towards excellence and innovation in the fashion world to stay at the forefront of design, technology and business savvy.

The academy environment is situated in an open studio layout to make students’ workspace to be inviting, interactive and inspiring environment. With a contemporary approach to education, the academy fosters inquisitive learning through the encouragement of individual development, focusing on the strengths of each student.

DAF offers a Fashion Diploma for a duration of 3 years or a Higher Certificate in Fashion which is a year course. The school also offers short courses like Pattern Making and Garment Construction, Illustration and Computer-Aided Design, Styling and Fashion Photography, and Computer-Aided Design which can be completed in 4 to 8 weeks.


The Design School Southern Africa was established in 1990 and today it is one of the leading design education and training institutions in South Africa. The school have campuses within Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban. They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and specialised and Dressmaking short courses.

This school is not only outstanding in designing, but also versatile in Graphic Design and Interior Design. Graduates from DSSA are well recognized in the design industry.


NorthWest School of Design is located in Klerksdorp, it offers a 2-year diploma course in Clothing Design & Technology as a private FET (Further Education & Training) college from 1998 to 2012. In 2012, it change its status to INTERNATIONAL from FET after registering and getting accreditation from City and Guilds of London.  It also offers many part-time courses for busy students.

The school offers a 3-year diploma in Fashion Design and Part-time courses for students with a busy schedule. Also, the school offers a diploma in Fashion Management and Communications and entrepreneurial learning experience with real relevance.


SEWAFRICA gives learners options to study with them. A face to face contact hours each day full-time course that runs from Monday to Friday. The following hours can be used by students to complete the various task given to them or continue with supplementary enrichment exercises that complement the course offered at SEWAFRICA.

The school also have two full-time courses with each offering a range of skills in the fashion industry depends on the learners level of education. The school certificate courses are accredited by Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports (CATHS) SETA, and the centre is registered with the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (F, P & M) SETA and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).


This fashion academy is based in Stellenbosch offering Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Fashion as well as short courses like Introduction to Fashion Design and Textile studies each having their own times and schedules.

The academy was established in 1996 and it has gotten National Accreditation from The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET); Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The fashion school aim is to produce competent design practitioners who can work effectively in the fashion industry. They try to equip individuals with the skills and practical experience they require to be successful in the entire creative process of fashion – from concept to consumer.

The institution provides education for students in specialised machinery, high-tech computers and wireless internet lecture facilities. Also, it has an extensive library, media centre and IT infrastructure to support the learning activities. In addition, students and staff have access to subscription websites that offer fashion trend analysis and research service, such as the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN).

The institution was found by Elizabeth, she recognised that the fashion industry needed educated and well-trained individuals to maintain the high standards of the fashion industry, both locally and internationally.


INSCAPE offers a 1 year Higher Certificate in Fashion for students and a Bachelor of Design in Fashion which is for a period of 3 years. Short courses which include an Introduction to Fashion and Fashion Planning are also available. The school campuses are located in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Pretoria.


UberGlam School of Fashion Design is located in Fairland Gauteng offering sewing classes, patternmaking classes and fashion illustration classes. The school courses are flexible and specifically aimed at individuals who are passionate to learn fashion design and sewing without having to bother about exams and overdue assignments.

They offer flexible courses specifically aimed at individuals that are passionate to learn about the elements of fashion design and sewing that interest them. Learners are accepted at Uberglam without any age restriction as long as there is passion and desire to learn.


University is not the only place where you can get quality education in fashion and design, there are schools in South Africa that are good at it. These schools have produced many highly respected personalities in the world of fashion.

Students in fashion schools will learn about textiles, sketching, sewing, draping, and creating patterns with the help of CAD software. The history of fashion, trend forecasting, and the business of fashion are also taught.

If you have a passion for fashion, you can consider any of the above schools to become an icon in the industry.


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