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South Africa Study Visa Application Procedure

South Africa Study Visa Procedures

For foreign students to study in any South Africa University, getting a Study Visa is a key. To get a Study Visa in South Africa, applicants will have to meet the Visa requirements. This post will focus on South Africa Study Visa application procedure and requirements.

To get a South Africa study visa, applicants can visit any South African Embassy, Consulate or Trade Office in their home country and obtain a study visa. According to the South Africa legislation, no foreign student can study in any university in South Africa without a study visa.

South Africa Study Visa Procedures


Where to apply for a Study Permit

Applicants are to visit any South African High Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission in your country of origin to get a study permit. For those that do not have South African representative in their home country, they can apply to the South African High Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission nearest to their home country.

When To Apply For A Study Permit

Once a student is offered admission in any South African University and has received an admission letter from the university together with a letter in support for an application for a study visa, such student can apply for Study Permit/Visa.

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  1. Obtain the appropriate Study Permit application from the South African Embassy, Consulate, High Commission or Trade Mission in your country.
  2. After obtaining the form, fill it carefully and return it to the office you obtain the form together with the followings:
  •  A valid passport.
  •  University admission letter
  •  Financial proof to show you can pay tuition fees and others.
  •  A medical certificate as specified on the study permit application form and details medical or insurance cover arranged for.
  •  Repatriation guarantee: Where a South African sponsoring body, South African citizen or permanent resident of the country is not prepared to give a written undertaking as provided in the application form BI-159, you will be required to lodge a cash deposit or bank guarantee equivalent to airfare or transportation costs to your country of origin for repatriation purposes, or forfeiture to the South African government should permit conditions not be complied with.
  •  Payment of the repatriation guarantee deposit by the student or the sponsor. The University is not responsible for the payment of repatriation guarantee deposits.
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It is very important to submit the documents mentioned above as soon as possible to the South African High Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission.

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