How To Calculate Your APS Score For University Of Western Cape Admission

APS is very important to South African Universities when it comes to admission. APS means Admission Point Score, it is a tool to know if applicants are qualified to study the course they are applying for. Every university in South Africa have a particular way of calculating applicants APS and the mode of calculating APS depends on each university.

UWC APS Calculation

To calculate UWC APS, you will have to add your best six subjects percentage. These six subjects must include the four compulsory subjects a learner takes in high school. The compulsory subjects are two languages (one learner home language and another language), Maths or Maths Lit and Life Orientation.

For any applicant to be considered for a programme, the applicant must meet the minimum APS for the specific programme. For each matric subject, you write in an exam there a point given to it, the percentage will depend on your score in the subjects. The APS score is the total points you get from each subject score.

Applicants should note that meeting the bare minimum APS requirement might not be a guarantee of admission sometimes. Applicants should strive to score higher score in matric exams. Together with your APS score, some courses might need additional requirements like a portfolio of work, interview or audition.

UWC APS Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of UWC’s APS calculation:

UWC APS calculation

This will help you to know if you will be eligible for UWC admission. The APS calculation format differ by universities, this is for UWC and other university will also have their own mode of calculating APS.

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