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Download CAO Handbook 2021 Application PDF

The CAO Handbook for 2021 application is now available for download for all interested applicants. The Central Applications Office Handbook for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students is now available for download.

The Management of the Central Applications Office (CAO) has made available the institution’s handbook for 2021 session in PDF format. The CAO 2021 Handbook contains the details for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The handbook is going to contain the updated list of courses. CAO admission requirements, admission guide, available facilities, admission information and so on. You will also find a guide that will help you to apply successfully for the 2021 admission.

The handbook is very important for all prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students, it will guide them on the available courses and their requirements. It has the answer on all the things you need to know.

Download CAO Handbook 2021 PDF

Below is the link to download the CAO 202 Handbook:

CAO 2020 Handbook


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    1. Please help me. I am struggling downloading the cao 2021 handbook, could you please send it to me via email. Please

  1. Hi , I’m also struggling to download the cao handbook for 2021 … The one I downloaded won’t open please help ….

        1. Hi I’ve also been trying to download the cao handbook but it keep on saying can’t open file please help by sending it to my email please.

  2. Can you please send me a cao handbook entry for 2020/2021i can’t find it when I download it someone who can send it to my email

  3. Good Day

    May I kindly request for the CAO handbook to be sent to me via email please. I can see that the issue with reading the file after download is a common one.

    This will be highly appreciated.


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