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Cheapest Universities in Europe

Cheapest Universities in Europe

Studying abroad might be the best thing that will happen to you. It serves as an opportunity to meet new friends and know more about other peoples culture. Studying abroad also gives you an opportunity to have more exposure and learn about the world outside your home country.

Despite all the benefit of studying abroad, many students could not afford to study outside their home country because of the cost. Students will have to pay for flight ticket, living expenses, tuition fees and accommodation. In other to make your dream of studying abroad a reality, we have put together a list of cheap Universities in Europe.

Can I study in Europe for free?

Europe has so many outstanding and high ranking universities in the world. There are some countries in Europe where you are not going to pay tuition fee, though you might have to pay some fees which makes it not totally free. Europe also has universities where the tuition fee is affordable. You can keep your price of studying abroad through budgeting, money-saving and so on.

Cheapest Universities in Europe

There are many countries you will not pay tuition fee to study in their universities in Europe if you are not from EEA/EU. Some will require you to pay an administrative fee and some do not. Sometimes, this free education comes with a string attached. Many of the universities teach in their native language, meaning you will have to pick up a new language. Learning a new language is cool to me than paying thousands.

Cheap Universities to Study in Europe

1. Scuola Normale Superiore

We are starting the list with the best study abroad offer around, if you want to study in Europe, you should consider Scuola Normale Superiore first. The institution is a highly rayed college in Italy and one of the best colleges in Europe. Scuola Normale Superiore offers three programs for undergraduates: Humanities, Sciences and Political Science. The humanities offer courses like palaeontology and others, the science school also offer biology, chemistry and physic.

Scuola Normale is a tuition-free institution in Europe where international students can study. The interesting part is that the school will also take care of living cost, accommodation and food.

2. Sant’Anna

This is another institution that made our cheapest universities in Europe list. The university is also a tuition-free university and they will also cover your living expenses. In short, you will have very little to spend if you study in Sant’Anna.

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Sant’Anna has two programs for students; Social science and experimental and applied science. The institution teaches many of its course in English but you still need to understand Italian to some extent to study in the institution.

3. Free University of Berlin

The University of Berlin is also one of the cheapest university where international students can study in Europe. It teaches most of her courses in English. The institution offers Bachelor of Arts programs which are taught in English. Tuition fee in the university is free but you will be responsible for your living expenses, accommodation and food. The living cost in Berlin is around $750 per month. Germany is king when it comes to free education for international students.

4. University of Göttingen

This is another German university that offers tuition-free education to international students. The university offers programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences. Some of its courses are taught in English. The institution is the home for one of the largest libraries in the continent.

Though the university is tuition-free, you will have to pay an administrative fee of around 300 Euros ($335) per semester to study at the University of Gottingen. Another cost you will have to take care of is your living expenses.

5. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is a specialist in architecture, geo-resources, and materials engineering. The institution teaches all its bachelor courses in German, to study at the university you will need to be fluent in German. Learning German should not be a problem if you are determined to study at this university.

RWTH Aachen University will charge student a student body and processing fee of about $290 per semester. The cost of living in Aachen is around $900.

6. The University of Vienna

Wien, Austria is another great destination in Europe for cheap universities. The University of Vienna is tuition-free, with a small fee of 730 Euros, or $815 per semester, only. There are almost 200 different programs to choose from and many are even taught in English. This university has tons of history because it was founded in 1365 and is one of the oldest universities around. Vienna’s city is renowned for its culture and nightlife and will be the perfect place to study abroad.

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7. Nord University

Nord University doesn’t charge tuition fees as a publicly funded Norwegian university. The only catch is that you are required to prove as a non-EU citizen that you have the funds in Norway to support yourself for a year in order to get a visa to study there. The cost of living in Norway is currently around $13,000 for a year.

While this is somewhat more than some of the other living costs from our list, it is worth the experience you will enjoy in Nord University. Nord University is one of Europe’s cheap universities, which teach English. The English-language programs include Circumpolar Studies, 3D Art, Animation, Games and Entertainment, Biology, and English.

  • Location: ‎Bodø, Norway
  • Tuition Cost: 725 Euros, or $800 per semester
  • Popular Subjects: Circumpolar Studies, 3D art, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English
  • Visit Nord University’s website

8. Nantes University

If France calls your name, then Nantes University has the experience of studying abroad for you. The University of Nantes charges a small processing fee of 184 euros or $200 per semester only! Here the cost of living is quite low, at just 600 euros, or 670 dollars a month.

The University of Nantes offers a variety of English-teaching programs: biology and earth science; foreign languages, literature and civilizations; and European and international studies.

9. University of Paris-Sud

Universities free of tuition are the best in Europe for international students! The University of Paris-Sud is one of Europe’s cheapest universities; they only charge a small processing fee of about € 170( $190) per semester. Their English-teaching programs include science and languages, physics, economics, and administration.

And the location is breathtaking, Paris! Eiffel Tower and many other adventures in France await you! The only catch is because it’s such a big city, the cost of living tends to be a bit higher in Paris. Yet with such a cheap university, your dreams of studying abroad in Paris can still be realized here.

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10. University of Athens

This institution is the oldest in all of Greece! In addition to nursing, social science, and the theatre arts, their undergraduate programs range from dentistry to music education. Amidst Greek columns and architecture, you’ll love to attend classes.

And the city of Athens has sprinkled Greek ruins all over the city; during your time studying abroad there, you will have tons to explore and see. Athens ‘ median cost of living is $800 a month but can be as low as $500 a month.

11. University of Crete

No public university in Greece charges tuition fees to EU students, and neither does the University of Crete charge tuition fees to international students. Philosophy, education, social sciences, medicine, and science and engineering are the principal programs here. In Greece, the birthplace of philosophy, you could be studying philosophy! All classes are taught in Greek at this university but there is also a large international English speaking community.

12. University of Basel

The University of Basel was founded in 1460 and is the oldest university in Switzerland. That also makes it one of the world’s oldest surviving universities. Plus its library is the country’s largest. Not to mention, he’s one of Europe’s cheapest universities.

There are a number of different programs at the university, including theology, law, medicine, humanities and social sciences, science, psychology, and business and economics. Most programs are taught in a mix of both English and German. Nevertheless, learning German is worth the $800 price per semester.

13. University of Würzburg

Proficiency in German is necessary for the last German university on our list. Having said that, there are a handful of courses for international students taught in English. Cultural and music studies, as well as politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology, are among their major programmes. Würzburg University charges a small processing fee of~130 euros, or 145 dollars per semester, making it uber affordable and appealing to students abroad everywhere.

  • Location: Würzburg, Germany.
  • Tuition Cost: ~130 euros, or ~$145 per semester
  • Popular Subjects: Cultural studies, musical studies, politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology
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