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Home isn’t far


Home isn’t far Home is my mother’s chest and my father’s arms That keeps me off the shades of sickness and loneliness   Home isn’t far Home is with my boys Around the corner of the barefoot streets Playing the games that takes the night far   Home isn’t far Home is running with our […]

Right Outside

Maybe you sent me off like a scout Or you threw me out in a bout Maybe you made me cry, Maybe I cried, cried, till I was dry Maybe you didn’t love me as I did Or you didn’t want me to make ’tis a bid Maybe I screamed, Maybe you screwed Maybe you […]

Against All Odds

Against all odd

Even against all odds, Against all of ’em in their big fat pods Against the tall and high-spirited twisted lies, And ill-conceived visions in drunken rides Against dark hiatus and swollen scenes of life, the sturdy mountains that wanted us as wife Against our stooping angst lips, And the hulking pressures that cannot zip Against […]

Old Wound

As the sun grew in size and voyage to its westward home Little mind sweats profusely in its narrowed kayak Prancing about his nascent in sequestered crossroad Old brother called him as mite with forlorn eyes And put him through the mill of his wired mired pasts Little mind was quick in whirlpool As he […]

The Birth

The birth

I may not be the most comely of breeds, but I’m a fetching lead, I wasn’t born into any privilege or edge, I was groomed by father to slog in the line of persistent and patience To husk, get a disk, and take some risk I was groomed by my mother in the bare and […]