Boston College Tuition and Fees 2020

Boston College is one of the most popular colleges in South Africa due to the quality of education they offer for students. Here are Boston College tuition and fees 2020 for prospective students and applicants.

This is to inform all prospective students and applicants of Boston City College tuition and fees 2020 courses are now available for them. It is very important for students to know about the fees they will be paying at Boston to get them prepared for what they are in for.

This article is to inform students and the general public about Boston College fees and the amount they will be paying for the new academic session. Below are the details about Boston fees foe 2020 session.

Boston College

Boston College 2020 Tuition & Fees

Boston College tuition and fees for undergraduate is $57,910, while the graduate tuition and fees are $30,700. Besides the tuition and fees, the cost of living is $16,726 for students living on campus and $13,450 for students living off-campus.

2020 Cost of Attendance (COA)

Boston College total Costs of Attendance (COA) is $75,886 for students living on campus and $72,610 for students living off-campus for the 2020 academic year. This fee includes tuition, fees, book and supplies costs, room and board, and other living expenses. Below are the details o the fees.
2019-2020 COA – Boston College
Total Costs$75,886$72,610
Tuition & Fees$57,910
Books & Supplies$1,250
Room & Board$14,826$11,550
Other Expenses$1,900$1,900

Graduate Tuition & Fees

Boston College graduate is to pay tuition and fees of $30,700. The increment in the fees is 4.03% compared to the previous session.

2020 Graduate School Tuition & Fees Boston College
Tuition & Fees$27,306$28,386$29,512$30,700

Books and Supplies

For the 2020 academic session, the average costs for purchasing books and course supplies is $1,250. Below is the table that shows the cost of books and supplies for four academic sessions.

2020 Books and Supplies Costs Boston College
Books & Supplies$1,250$1,250$1,250$1,250

Boston College Living Costs

The living cost for students at Boston College living on campus is $16,726 and when students living off-campus living cost is valued at $13,450. This amount tends to increase over the year.

Living Costs Boston College
On-CampusRoom & Board$13,818$14,142$13,818$14,826
Other Expenses$1,700$1,850$1,700$1,900
Off-CampusRoom & Board$10,200$10,650$10,200$11,550
Other Expenses$1,700$1,850$1,700$1,900

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