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Boston College Admission Requirements & Admission Application

Boston College

Here is all you need on Boston City College admission requirements 2020. Check out the 2020 Boston College requirements for admission.

This post is going to contain all the admission requirements students must meet to gain admission to Boston College. For any student to gain admission into a program at the college, such student must meet the program minimum admission requirements.

Below are the requirements any student seeking admission into Boston College must meet the following requirements.

Boston College

Boston City College Admission Requirements

Below are the admission requirements students need to meet up with to gain admission into Boston College:

  1. Common Application

The institution uses the Common Application for the undergraduate admission exercise. All candidates are to submit their application form electronically. Make sure you select your choice of course carefully for Early Decision or the Regular Decision consideration on the Common Application.

Selecting an Academic Division

All candidates are to apply to one of to Boston University’s undergraduate academic decision: Carroll School of Management, Morrissey Colege of Arts and Science, Lynch School of Education and Human Development or Connell School of Nursing. The institution advised all applicants to apply for their first choice undergraduate division, as it can be challenging to be sure of a major at this time, this excludes Nursing.

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2. Boston College Writing Supplement

A Writing Supplement should be submitted by students together with their application form to Boston College at www.commonapp.org. Please don’t send the essay in the form of a mail to the college.

3. Standardized Test

As part of the college application review, all applicants are to submit a standardized test like ACT (College Code: 1788) or SAT (CEEB Code: 3083). No other Optional Writing portion is accepted by the college except the SAT and ACT. Candidates that submit multiple scores for the test will be superscore.
  • Applicants are to send the official statement of the standardized test directly to Boston College. If applicants find it difficult to send the score official report to the College Board or ACT to Boston College, applicants high school guidance counsellor should contact the Office of the Undergraduate Admission. Other alternatives might be explored on a case-by-case basis.
  • Boston did not require SAT subject test for admission. You can submit SAT Tests for consideration together with your application form. Subject Test, especially in foreign languages and science, can be used for placement during the first year.
  • Applicants should make sure the college receives their standardized tests on or before the application deadlines. October standardized testing is considered for Early Decision I.
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Together with the ACT or SAT, international applicants must submit TOEFL or IELTS examination scores. More about standardized testing requirements for international applicants.

4. Supporting Materials

Applicants are to submit the following documents with their application form to be considered for admission:

a. The School Report and Counselor Recommendation Form: Your school counsellor should submit a recommendation form for you. Your school can also submit their own form if they have. The school form should be submitted together with a letter of recommendation from your college counsellor and your official transcript.

b. Teacher Evaluations: As part of the evaluation, you are required to submit two teacher evaluations with your application form. The evaluation must be written by two teachers that taught you in one of the five main academic subjects areas (English, social studies, science, math, or foreign language).

c. Mid-Year Grade Report (Regular Decision and Early Decision deferred candidates): Boston requires that applicants should submit the Mid-Year Grade Report as soon as it is available by your counsellor or designated school official

5. Application Fee

Candidates are to submit an application fee or application fee waiver request for the college to review your application. This should be submitted together with your Common Application. The application fee should be submitted online due to the volume of application the institution receives each year. Those that are unable to send the application fee online can mail a check or money order.

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Fee Waiver Request

If you find it hard to submit the application fee of $80 and you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you can apply for an application fee waiver. You may apply for a fee waiver through the Common Application.

6. Open Credential for Art

Students applying for a major in studio art or music and/or theatre at Boston College, you can upload a visual and performance art through Slide Room via the Common Application. If you are not pursuing a major in art but you want to tell the college about your past experiences in arts, you can do so in the application form at the “Additional Information” area.

All materials for Early Decision I candidates must be received via SlideRoom by November 1 and for Early Decision II and Regular Decision candidates by January 1st. There will be no review of submissions received after those dates.

7. English Language Proficiency

International students are to submit TOEFL or IELTS examination results to show evidence of English Language proficiency.

Boston College Application Deadlines

Early Decision 1

Deadline: November 1

Notification: By December 15

Early Decision II

Deadline: January 1

Notification: By February 15

Regular Decision

Deadline: January 1

Notification: By April 1

Spring Freshmen

Deadline: November 1

Notification: By December 15

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