Best Computer Courses in South Africa

The world has become a global village with the help of the internet, computers and other devices. In the global-economy, the use of computer has become most for businesses. There are many computer courses available in South Africa Universities and we will provide you with the list of Best Computer courses to study in South Africa.

Computer courses are highly demanded in the internet world and good knowledge in the right course can make you a hot cake in the industry. If you are planning to obtain a computer science degree, the big question is what is the best computer course to study? This post will answer your questions.

The ranking of these courses is based on the opportunities that lie ahead for the graduate of the course in South Africa. A degree in computer science can get you a well-paying job that will sustain you. Knowledge on both the hardware and software part of computer science has a lot of job opportunities and enough to make a career of. One advantage of knowledge in this field is that you can work on your own and take jobs online as a freelancer.

There are courses that are lucrative like software expert include cybersecurity courses, coding and software programming languages. Below is the list of Five Best Computer Courses in South Africa.

Best computer courses to study

Best 5 computer courses that you can study online

1. VFX and animation

VFX and animation courses provide learners with knowledge on visual effects, 3D technology and graphics. The demand for these skills keep increasing day by day, the service of professional in animation and artists are highly demanded in the film industry all over the world. Movies these days are having high-quality visuals and the demand for other visual content has increased, thus more professionals are needed in the industry to meet the market demand. Also, animated movies fan base is increasing globally thereby increasing the consumption of anime and consumer demand must be met.

As a professional in this field, you can work independently as a freelancer if you don’t want to work for a company. PC training and business college and Richfield college among other institutions have recognised the importance of this course.

2. Tally

Tally is the aspect of computer science that deals with the computation of accounting data. You should also know that Tally itself is accounting software. The aim of this course is to teach you how to use tally software efficiently. After completing this course, you can get hired by a firm and make a good living for yourself. Tally is trusted by most big organizations and the government as they use it to transfer crucial financial data. As an accounting student, a certificate in this course will add value to your CV.

3. Cyber security course

The world is a global village, many crucial transactions are done online. Most businesses rely on the internet to perform some basic functions. There is an increase in performing many crucial tasks like paying bills, banking and shopping is done online, therefore, there is a great need to protect our hardware, software and data from cyber-threats. Cybersecurity knowledge is a necessity as the cyberspace is becoming populated. Having good knowledge in cyber security will guarantee you good employment.

Cyber security is a course that teaches students how to make ensure the security of people and businesses online. Apart from working with an organization, a cybersecurity specialist can work as a freelancer and deals with security auditing and ethical hacking. Fraudsters are increasing in knowledge day by day, which makes companies be in demand of cybersecurity personnel.

4. Web & Graphics design

The presence of businesses online is increasing every day and there is a need to hire a professional web designer to design a website for them. Web and Graphic design are one of the courses essential to pursue. The course equips students with knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and others. Students will also learn graphic design tools likeĀ  Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Bootstrap, and Acrobat among others. There are so many job offers for web and graphic designers.

5. Software developer

This is a course that equips you with programming skills that you can use to create functional mobile applications as well as a good software for your PC. Part of the lessons you will learn include: Software Fundamentals (MTA), Database Fundamentals (MTA), MCP, MCSA, MCSD Web Application Development, C#, Microsoft Azure, Python, Software Testing and Java Programming courses. With such programming courses, you can, later on, get an online computer science degree, South Africa.

Computer courses in South Africa are quite a lot, just like anywhere else. You can find one that is marketable and appeals to your interest. The secret is to find one that you can expose you to more opportunities. To do this, you have to ensure you are adequately qualified and that you have your heart fully vested in it. You can browse many free online courses that you can study at home and then find yourself a good freelancer.

Where to Study Computer Courses Online

There are various platform online where you can study computer courses, some you will have to pay and some are provided for free. Check out this our article to find out more on online courses.


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